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Thank you Juriba!

I like LinkedIn. If you join the right groups you will get very interesting discussions. Engaging in some of them might even earn you a nice prize. I am also an Amazon junkie, so the combination was perfect.

Opening my mailbox tonight I found out that I was awarded for a contribution on a Windows 7 Project Management LinkedIn group. This one is run by the people from Juriba.

Hi David,

We are delighted to announce that you are the winner of
Juriba's maiden Windows 7 Project Management LinkedIn
group competition.
To mark your victory, we've enclosed a £30 Amazon voucher,
which we hope you enjoy spending.

Many thanks for taking part and we look forward to hearing
from you further in the group in the weeks ahead.

Kind regards,

The Juriba Team

So, participate and engage, you can only benefit from it.

Join the Windows 7 Project Management Group

David Nudelman